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I am a British citizen living in Canda. Will I have to pay international fees if I attend a UK university?

I am a British Citizen but I am living in Canada, I would like to go to university in the UK and am wondering if I still will pay international fees even though I have UK citizenship? Does it vary for different universities or will it be the same fees (international or normal) through out?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Fees status is based on residence rather than nationality. Each university makes its own determination based on information supplied by the applicant.  If you apply from Canada you are likely to be automatically assumed to be an international student.

Our guide to international fees:

The onus is on you to point out reasons why you might be classed as a home student. Universities will probably not be willing to discuss your case until and unless they issue the offer of a place to you.
There are general guidelines that UK universities will all adhere to when determining fees status.  I suggest you look at

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