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Foundation years and other entry requirements

I am predicted BCD in Geography, Maths and Physics respectively. I'm looking to do a foundation year but I'm struggling to find courses. Any advice for unis or how to find them?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Hugh,

Why do you want to take a Foundation year? What subject do you want to study?

You need to consider your options and plan carefully. It would be worth consulting your teachers and parents, if possible.

Here is the list of degrees with Foundation year:


I understand the Foundation Year is aimed at students coming to a subject without the prerequisite background (arts students crossing to a science degree, for example).

You should aim to get the highest A level grades you can to give yourself more choice. If you out-perform your predicted grades you can go into UCAS Adjustment at Results time.

If you really want to look at Foundation courses, read the information on university websites; for example, look at University of Birmingham:


Good luck.


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