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Entry requirements for Medicine, Scottish qualifications

My daughter is in Scotland doing highers she has chosen English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. She is doing well in all subjects except for English which she is finding very difficult.

How important is an English higher for entry to Medicine?
A really good place to start is with the UCAS search tool: search.ucas.com/

You can search for Medicine and check the the entry requirements for the different providers.

From a quick bit of research it appears that most providers don't require that you have an English higher. But your daughter will need to have five highers for many universities, some providers require that all highers are at grade A whereas other require 4 As and one B. She may have to work very hard to at least get a B in her English.

If she doesn't, all is not lost, the University of Manchester for example only makes offers to their Medicine course based on Advanced Highers grades, they're not interested in her Highers grades. See here: search.ucas.com/course/entryrequirements/124459/me...1

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