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UK Citizen born and raised in Turkey. Father British who moved to Turkey 20 years ago. Grandparents in UK

I am a British citizen and grew up in the UK, I attended British Universities (Univ of Swansea BSc, Univ of East Anglia PhD and Institute of Education PGCE). I have been teaching overseas for 20 years. My daughter was born and raised in Turkey and is a British Citizen. She will be applying to UK universities - what category of fee is she under?

Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Simon,

Residence is the main criterion regarding fees and funding (it's to do with where the family taxes have been paid).

In general, you should have been living in the UK for the three years immediately prior to starting university in order to qualify for Home fees and UK Government funding. Please look at:

Universities make the final decisions about fee status after an application has been received through UCAS and the offer of a place has been made on academic grounds.

For more information, look at the UKCISA website:

I hope this helps. Best of luck to your daughter with her application!


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