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international dental program


I was studying dentistry in Syria before I left because of the current circumstances. Currently I'm in UK and looking for a university which have some kind of international dental programme to recognise the courses I've already done, and continue studying to obtain a dental degree. I am also a qualified dental technician .

Is there any dental school offer that kinds of programme for international student? I also hold refugee status at the moment, if that makes any difference?

Thank you
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi there,

You will probably need to submit your Syrian qualifications to NARIC for equivalence:

Then you should contact your local Dental School about your eligibility.

The list of UK Dental Schools is:


I think you may have to apply for the full degree course, possibly starting at Foundation Year.

But I am not sure, so you must check by contacting Dental Schools asking what you need to do to be admitted.

As a refugee, you will be charged the Home fee and will be eligible for UK Government student finance. Many UK universities also offer scholarships for refugees, so please check online for these (search:"scholarships for syrian students in uk").

If you meet the entry requirements to apply for admission to a Dentistry degree course, you will need to apply online through UCAS at www.ucas.com

You will apply in September 2017 for 2018 entry.

For your information, the General Dental Council regulates the profession:

Please also read this page:

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions.


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