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What will happen after Brexit?

I want to apply for a master's starting in 2018. I am an EU citizen, so if I were to apply now, I would have to pay Home fees. However, it's not so clear what will happen when Brexit has taken place (even though I know that this is probably going to take a little longer), and I am worried that I will need to pay International Fees then.

However, I have studied and lived in the UK for 6 years and my wife is a UK citizen, but I am currently not living in the UK. Is there any possibility for me to still pay Home Fees? I know that as of right now I am still in the EU and do not have to worry about these questions. However, I would like to be safe and think ahead.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello George,

It is impossible to predict the future with accuracy and no-one will say now what the prevailing rules will be for fees status in 2018.

You should read the information on university websites. Most universities make statements about their policy regarding Brexit. If you have an idea where you want to study, I suggest you contact the university direct.

You do not have to be a citizen to qualify for Home fees currently; residence is more important. Look at:

I hope his helps a little.

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