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Too young to apply for uni

My son applied for a Medicine course in Oxford, UCL and Imperial College. Before the application I asked Oxford about his age because by the time the course will start he would be 17 years old and 8 months, and I've been told that people will be mature in different age. Because of their advice we planed for a BMAT test in a different country that cost us a lot of money, (we live in Iran and we went to Oman for test) and next week we go to London for the interview. Now they said he must be 18 to start the course.

How I can make a complaint and to whom should I complain to? This is very upsetting for my son, he started school by the age that UK law says children must start, so how come they don't take into account that some of these children will do Medicine courses.
Answered by Alison Patterson

Oxford and Imperial make no reference to a minimum age on their website, but UCL is explicit that students have to be 18 when they start. So you are presumably going to UCL for the interview. I think you may have assumed that the response from Oxford would be the same everywhere else.

Deferred entry is definitely the way to go, and your son would probably benefit from that too as the additional maturity will probably be a good thing on a medical course.

Hope this helps,

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