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Questions about AP subjects on application

I'm an English student living in Thailand, but going to an American International school. I've looked at some universities and the international entry requirements for American students. I'm in my junior year at the moment, and by the end of the school year I would have completed four AP subjects, and I plan to take at least two more in my senior year. However, some of the universities I would like to go to require atleast five AP subjects. The results for the AP tests come out after the application deadline for UK universities. So I was just wondering how I would go about that and if I'm able to include the APs taken in my senior year on my university application.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Alex,

It is normal when applying to UK universities to give a list of the exams still to be taken. The offer of a place will then be made conditional upon you achieving specified grades in the exams to be taken. It is called a Conditional offer.

Application to all UK undergraduate degree courses is online through UCAS at www.ucas.com.

For more information look at:

Hope this helps!

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