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Best Advertising course and best university

I'm seeking advice on Advertising. I want to study this course but I need to know whether I should pick the best ranked course or look at the uni ranking first? Also is a London-based uni better given the subject and access to employers? As advertising is a specialist subject do advertising employers care less about what uni you went to and more about what you can do/show project wise etc?
Tags: applying
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Harvey,

The list of undergraduate degree courses is at:

Employers are looking for the best graduates. This can mean the people with the best (First Class) degrees from any university, and sometimes they favour graduates of particular universities.

You can check with universities about their employment stats for graduates in your chosen subject.

A year in industry, or university placement is another way of finding graduate employment. This is why some people like sandwich degree courses.

Internships during vacations also introduce you to the work environment and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your competence.

We usually say that your best chance of good employment will arise from getting the best degree you can. So, you need to choose a course and a university where you think you will really thrive.

Try to visit as many universities as you can to get a feel for them.

Best of luck,

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