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Can I apply for a University again after they have rejected me?


Last year I applied to university and got an offer but changed my mind and withdrew all my applications and am taking a gap year. I reapplied for the same university but have been rejected.

I know I can go through Clearing but I have a car, and getting accommodation that will allow me to bring my car is first come first serve. I really need to get in my accommodation application asap so I can get on-site accommodation.

Also, the thought of having to leave everything to last minute is terrifying.

The university rejected my application because I do not meet the entry requirements, however, I got an offer last year, am less than 10 UCAS points off the requirements and it's not a very popular course.

If I contacted the University do you think there is any chance they would give me an offer?

Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Beth,

You could contact the university. Could you do re-takes to improve your profile?

By contacting the university, you might have some suggestions.

If you have no offers you can go into UCAS Extra between February and July, and you can find out more about the process here: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/universities/.../

Best of luck with everything!


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