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Will I receive home fee status?

I am applying for graduate study and am about to fill in the 'Ordinary Resident' section, but I am not sure what to say. I have been working (under temporary contracts) abroad in South Korea for three years, but I’m not a permanent resident here, just a temporary worker/have working visa status
(I know about the living in the UK three years prior to study rule, but read there might be exceptions for working abroad).

Also, according to the Student Loan Company I am classified as an 'ordinary resident.' However, on the application it asks two things: 'current ordinary residency' and 'previous residency' in the last six years.

I am asking whether to just put the UK as my current residency because my status in Korea is temporary employment, or if I need to say Korea and if they ask for overseas fees, challenge it (with evidence of temporary employment). I am really confused with what is best to put.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Laura,

If SLC has classed you as Ordinarily Resident, you should stick to your UK address. I would try to include the information about your temporary employment in S. Korea without giving an address.

It is up to the university to decide in the end on a case by case basis, based on the rules and your circumstances.

Try asking SFE:

Good luck.

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