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Reapplying when being discontinued

I am a mature student wishing to study BSc Adult Nursing in September 2017. I have recently been discontinued as a nursing student from another university due to failing exams/modules within my second year. My failings was due to personal circumstances but I am adamant I do not want to give up.

I was wondering if other universities would consider my application although I have just been discontinued? Or how do they deal with students who have been discontinued on the same programme at a different university? Would I be able to apply for the 2017 intake? Or have to apply for a further intake? Or would I not have a chance at all?

Also if I apply, would I need to explain in my personal statement that I was previously a nursing course and why I got discontinued?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Meg,

You should contact a few other Nursing Schools direct and speak to them about your circumstances. You probably will need to apply again through UCAS and refer to your recent university experience and explain why you discontinued your studies. But first it would be sensible to take advice. Would your old Nursing School allow you to retake the second year? It is worth exploring all avenues.

Best of luck,

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