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Will I be eligible for a tuition loan and a maintainance loan?

I've lived in the UK as an EU citizen for almost half my life, it will be 10 years before I start uni next year. I checked on the government website and it's written that I should be eligible if I've lived in the UK for half of my life, which it will be as I am turning 20 next year. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that I've lived abroad in Asia for 2 years from age 16-18 (due to parents work), almost 2 years ago, and I'm wondering if that could be an issue as another condition says I need to have lived in the UK in the recent 3 years to be eligible.

So am I eligible for having lived in the UK half my life as one condition states or do I have to apply for uni for 2018 instead so I've stayed 3 years recently? Despite not knowing what the Brexit rules may become?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Amanda,

Universities make the final decisions about fee status based on the facts of your case and the guidelines and case law.

If you leave the country for a temporary period because of a parent's employment you may be considered to be ordinarily resident in the UK.
Look at:

I hope this helps.

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