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Applying with low grades three years after leaving high school

I left High School in my S5 year in 2014. I have went of to do a modern apprenticeship in Administration and have been working within a law firm for over 2 years. I left S5 with ABD and int 2 A. I failed higher and int 2 English. I received a D for my Higher Art and Design and did not look into appealing as this was not the path I'd taken. I am now however looking to study art and design again as this is what I am passionate about. Is there any possibility that I would be accepted into an university and if not how can I peruse doing a course? Would I be able to apply at college? Would I need to do my highers again? Any advice would be much appreciated.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Melissa,

University and college websites should show course entry requirements so start there.

Also, use a Course Search:

Again, entry requirements are listed. If you know what course you want to study, write to a few universities to check whether you meet entry requirements. If you are thinking of college, you should phone your local college and ask to talk to someone about the best way forward.

Good luck.

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