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Failed degree, but want to become a teacher

I previously withdrew from my course midway through year 3 due to depression and anxiety which led to a dependency on alcohol. I returned the following academic year but I wasn't ready, the problems soon mounted and I was back where I was. I completed the year but my work was poor and I didn't obtain an honours degree and was instead awarded a DipHE with merit, based on the first 2 years where my results and work was very good. Given that I've exhausted 3 years + the 4th year of funding what are my options? I've since had counselling and I want to go into teacher training (different from my previous course subject in journalism). Please advise.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Aaron,

I think you should look at:






It sounds as though you want to obtain a qualification but haven't the funding to allow you to apply for a degree course. I think you should look at the third link (above) and contact the Freephone telephone number: 0800 389 2500

Good luck.

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