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Do gap year students qualify for Home fees?

My daughter has been travelling abroad and working for two and a half years, will she still be classed as a UK resident for fee/grant purposes?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Barbara,

Your daughter has had a temporary break in residence. How this is treated will depend in part on where she travelled.

If she remained in EEA countries there is no issue as she has the right to roam and her residence is unaffected.
If she travelled outside the EEA, she will need to provide documentary evidence to Student Finance England (or the relevant funding body in Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland) and/or the universities she eventually applies to.

Our fees section has information on eligibility for Home fees: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/university-tu.../

To demonstrate that it was a temporary break in residence and no more, she will have to produce, for example: temporary visas, temporary work permit/contract, evidence of ticket receipts and accommodation receipts.
The more evidence she can produce, the easier it will be to make the case.

The decision will be made on its merits using the evidence produced. Every case is treated individually.

You could also contact Student Finance England:

By the way, there are no grants now; only government loans.

Hope this helps,

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