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Mature student re-doing A levels

I am considering getting back into education, specifically Engineering. I am 32 years old. At GCSE I got nearly all A/A*'s. I studied Maths, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry and Business at A-level. Whilst I finished my courses I didn't apply myself well and got low grades (C's and D's). My IQ is upwards of 145 and I know I could have done much better. If I was to do an intensive 1 year course in Maths, Mechanics and Physics A-Levels, and get A grades, would that be sufficient to give me a good chance to get into a good university? Have I left it too late?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Tom,

You have not left it too late but as you realise, you will probably need to do some more Maths and Physics. It also depends on what experience you have gained over the last 14 years since leaving school.

It might be sensible to contact a good university engineering department and ask them what they suggest is your best route now.

It's a good idea and I think you will be fine, but rather than take a decision yourself on what preparatory study you now need to do I'd recommend checking with the course selectors in university.

Have a look at our Engineering subject hub for course information: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/courses/gener.../

Good luck,

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