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British Citizen with Canadian education

My son is looking to attend a UK university when he graduates from Canadian High School in 2019 - he will be 18. He is a UK Citizen with an international education so is it worth doing GCSEs now or just applying straight to a UK uni with his Canadian grades when he is ready? Would he be an International student or is there a way to enter back into the UK education system as a British Citizen? My Daughter went back to the UK from Canada to College in the UK when she was 18 too but she had to re sit her English & Maths GCSEs first before starting her career courses?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Alan,

UK universities recognise international educational qualifications. If you check a few university websites you will find that minimum entry requirements are published.

For example:




He needs to choose a course and read the information on university websites to make sure he meets entry requirements. If in doubt he should contact universities direct by email.

He must apply through UCAS.

Look at:

Choose a course using a Course chooser:




His fee status will depend on how long he has been out of the UK and whether he is in Canada for a temporary period. Fees status tends to depend on residence, not citizenship.

Look at:




Please note that the rules vary depending on whether you are looking at England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

I hope this helps for starters.

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