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We're living in Singapore but we're British, is our daughter eligible for the student loan?

I am a British Citizen but I've been living in Singapore since January 2012. My daughters (age 15) moved to Singapore at the end of December 2012. She's in Singapore on a dependent pass. She started school in Singapore in January 2013 will be doing her GCSE exams in June 2014. I heard that she needs to be in the UK for 3 years prior to starting university in order to qualify to pay home student fees and be eligible for the student loans. For us the big question is does she need to come back to UK in Sept 2014 for 2 yrs to do her AS and A level before she starts uni? Based on 2 years will she be considered a home student?
I am not clear on the regulations for home student fees and home student loans ( if they are same or separate topics). I would appreciate if  you can advice me or guide me to the right source of information. I looked up on www.gov.uk but it is not very clear.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Guidelines specify three years residency but there exceptions to the rules and universities make their own determination based on all the facts of an individual case.  As a general rule residency trumps nationality.  Where did you live before your move to Singapore?
Follow this link for more information.

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