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Uni fails to provide support

I am a second-year Law student, who was diagnosed February 2016 with Dyspraxia and given SoA. The university has failed to provide the requirements, and I am still fighting a year later to be treated properly. Despite constant requests they cannot provide it, and refuse to stick to any plan they make. I would like to transfer to another university who can. I was getting 60-70% last year and this year 40-50% as there is no help. I have had no tutor, no support and continual fights to get what I should be having. It has affected my studies enormously and I cannot continue to fight this way. How do I transfer? I have taken certain courses and must find one who has the same pattern of courses as, with a Law degree, there are qualifying core subjects to be covered.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Margaret,

You should consider speaking to your students union who can help independently.

To transfer would require a new application via UCAS or a transfer request.

We would recommend also speaking to the disability and additional needs team at the University, and at the university you are considering transferring into.

Take a look at this page which has advice for health and safety at university: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/universities/

Hope it works out for you,

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