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Student finance distaster

I started a postgraduate degree in September 2016. I am Welsh, completed my undergrad in Wales and started my postgrad at an English University.
I was initially told by student finance England that I was eligible for the new postgraduate loan that was being offered to English students, as I would be living in England when starting my studies.
The week after starting my course I still had not heard back from them regarding my loan. I called them and found out that they had given me the wrong information (along with a handful of other Welsh students which has been in the press) and I would not be eligible for the loan.
This meant that I had to drop out of my postgrad as I could not possibly fund the course without a loan.
I am now being chased by the university for the first terms fees, £1750.
This is a really horrible situation for me as I haven't got that sort of money, and don't really see why I should have to pay after I was misinformed (I completely understand this is not the university's fault, but I have informed them of the situation upon my termination). Any advice as to what I should do?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Tia,

We have seen these reports:

We think there may be a pretty strong case for damages against the SLC for costs incurred as a result of wrong advice (assuming you have something in writing).

It may be worth getting together with the others and talking to a solicitor, perhaps.

Meanwhile ask the university not to press for immediate payment while the situation is resolved.

Also consider taking it to the OIA:


and write to your MP in Wales.

Contact local students unions for help.

I hope this helps.

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