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Where is best for a Marketing degree?

I am an European student and I want to study Marketing. So far, I've been accepted at Lancaster, Leeds, Surrey and Manchester. I was thinking about Manchester and Leeds as my first and second choices because they are part of the Russell Group and it might be easier to secure my dream job after graduation. Although Leeds is better in Marketing, it offers a BA, where Manchester offers a BSc which is more flexible and customisable. What factors should I bear in mind and what advice can you give me regarding my choice?
Answered by Alison Patterson

Leeds and Manchester are similar in many ways - both are very big Russell Group universities, located in large cities in the north of England.

In our current rankings, Leeds is 16th overall and Manchester is 25th.

For Marketing, Leeds is currently 3rd and Manchester 10th.

Check the arrangements for accommodation and whether guarantees are offered for first year residence in university halls.

In these circumstances it would be good to visit to help you decide. But in fact, you'll probably be very happy with the decision you make!

You may find our Marketing subject hub useful: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/courses/marke.../

Good luck.

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