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Converting Italian diploma score to UCAS tariff

I am Italian and would like to apply to an English university. I have two questions regarding the conversion of the my high school diploma score to its English equivalent. First, it looks like there is no fixed conversion between A levels and the equivalent Italian score. It may change by university. Normally AAA is considered to be equivalent to 85% Italian score. But some universities (like LSE) state that they consider 95% as AAA equivalent. Did I get this right? Second, I am not clear how I should calculate my score to compare to the “entry standards” UCAS tariff published on your website. It looks like such score is the sum of the score obtained from several courses. In our diploma (Liceo) you only get a single score although you study 10 different courses. Suppose I get 85% score (normally considered equivalent to AAA), what would my “entry standards” UCAS tariff equivalent be? It cannot just be 120*3 because I took more than just 3 courses and it would be too low to compare well with the 500-500 score reported as entry standard by many universities in your website. Thank you for clarifying.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Andrea,

Each university will give its requirements for entry on the university website. The more competitive/selective the university, the higher the requirements will be.

You should not try to convert your qualifications. Simply check whether you meet the requirements for each university. You may need to contact universities to check that you are eligible to apply for a specific course.

You must apply through UCAS. Look at:

Choose your course using a Course chooser:

Check that you meet entry requirements. If you cannot find all the information online please contact the university direct.

I hope this helps.

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