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Graduate Prospects

Dear All,
I am Andreas, a Management Information Systems student in Cyprus and specifically in the University of Nicosia. I am considering to study further for a postraduate degree for Financial Risk Management in UK and my short-list of universities that i am going to apply are Southampton, Leeds and Glasgow.
Recently i viewed your section/table with the best Accounting & Finance universities all over UK. As i already told you i am interesting in those three universites that i mention and i am really concern about the graduate prospects. Leeds is assesed with a 83 of Graduate prospect but i just saw in another well known site, http://www.theguardian.com/education/table/2013/jun/04/university-guide-business-management-studies that they asses with 72.
I was wondering what do you have such a different in those number for the University of Leeds? I just wanted to clarify it.
Answered by Alison Patterson
You should not take the rankings too literally. Positions change each year for a variety of reasons. The rankings also relate to undergraduate degrees, not Masters.

You should base your decision on a number of factors, including the rankings. Consider the course content, assessment, the reputation of the university, its location, the cost of living, accommodation, fees etc

All the universities you are considering are Russell Group universities. They have good reputations. Choose the course that looks best for you and if you have any queries write to the university for clarification.

Our League Tables are different to the Guardian's and our Methodology and key can be found at:


Good luck.

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