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Do I need a reference to apply for a Masters?

I am looking to apply for a Masters program in Fall 2015. I graduated from my undergraduate university in May 2013. I did my undergrad from National University of Science and Technology, NUST ( a very reputable university in my country) with a 3.4/4 GPA (roughly 85%).

My issue is that when I apply for graduate school next year, it would have been over two years since I've graduated. I doubt my teachers would be willing to or able to recommend me properly for any program I apply to and was wondering what I can do in such a situation. Are these recommendations more or less a formality when the students GPA is high, or are they true indicators of a candidate's worth?

I am not worried about my undergraduate performance, but I do have a UCAS score of 260 (I did poorly on my A-levels) and have relatively little work experience. What can I do to improve my chances?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You will need an academic reference in order to apply for a masters degree. You will also need your degree certificate and transcript to prove your qualifications to date. I wouldn't worry, I'm sure your tutors from years ago will happily provide a reference.

Most applications to masters programmes in the UK are online. Take a look at a few of them on university websites so that you know what you need to provide and also the timescale.

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