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Rejecting my offers on results day

I have recently decided, after accepting my firm and insurance offers, that I don't think university is for me, or at least this course isn't. My college has advised me to not reject my offers before results day in case I change my mind last minute. I was wondering what I would have to do to reject both offers if I met the conditions on results day?
Tags: results day
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Kathryn,

If you are accepted by your CF university and have decided you don't want to take up the offer of a place, you must contact the university and ask to be released from the offer. They will do this and the formalities will follow through UCAS. You will not receive student finance (if you've applied). It should be straightforward.

College is right to advise you to wait until results because there is no hurry to notify your universities and you might as well give yourself chance to be sure about your decision. Exams season is not the time for taking big decisions. You should focus on your revision/exam prep.

Take a look at our Clearing section with info about Results Day: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/clearing/

Good luck.

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