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Oxford Computer Science - just missed the grades

Hi there!

I'm from Romania and want to apply for the 2018 academic year at Oxford.

I took my national exam when I finished high-school but got AAA instead of A*AA. I want to apply for Computer Science.

I checked the Oxford website and saw that it's possible to take A-levels again. Is it true that I can improve my chances by taking A-levels?
Hi Stefan,

They are still fantastic results - well done!

If you retake your A Levels and get better, then you should still have a chance. You'll have to do this in time before the Oxford application deadline, however.
It may be a good idea to speak to somebody from Oxford directly, and ask them - they should be able to give you a stronger answer.

Read our guide to applying to Oxbridge: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/universities/.../

If not - then don't worry, there are many other universities that you can study Computer Science at, which may suit you better than Oxford. Take a look at our Computer Science subject table: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables...e

Good luck!

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