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Should I apply to Oxbridge for a second time?

Son has 3 offers, applied for Oxbridge, had interview but rejected. He can't decide whether to accept place or take a year out. At the back of his mind is whether he should try again for Oxbridge 2015. Can he accept, wait for his results and then decide? If he deferred, can he apply for 2015 or does he actually have to reject before he can apply for 2015? Would the uni that he rejected consider him for 2015?
Answered by Alison Patterson
He can wait for his results and then decide to withdraw from UCAS. If he requests deferred entry he will still be in the UCAS system and so won’t be able to make a new application for 2015. Universities will consider him second time round but they will, of course, take into account his actual grades.

I think the most important point is for him to reflect hard on why he thinks he was unsuccessful for Oxbridge (reading any feedback carefully – it might be worth asking the direct question as to whether he came close or not) and whether there is anything he can do to make a significantly stronger application next year.

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