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Waiting for GCSE results

My firm choice university has to wait for my GCSE Maths Resit on the 24th Aug to either reject or confirm my place. I've heard that you cannot go through Clearing until your firm choice gets back to you. However I am very worried because if I don't have the A-Level grades to get in does it still mean that they have to wait for the Maths before they reject me? Also I am worried about this because if I don't get a confirmed place then it means I have to go to clearing a week after it starts. Which severely restricts my chances to getting into university through clearing. I was wondering could they reject me on the basis of my A-Level grades?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Chiugo,

Wait and see what happens on Thursday. Your CF university may make an immediate decision based on your A level results.

If course entry is dependent on GCSE Maths, universities will be unable to accept you through Clearing until you receive a successful result. In these circumstances, you should probably wait until you have the result before going into Clearing.

If you can find courses in Clearing that do not require GCSE Maths you can consider them on Thursday if your CF and CI universities do not accept you.

Clearing closes on 23 October 2017, so there is plenty of time to find a course if you meet entry requirements. Use:

Good luck.

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