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A level choices for a Business Management degree

I am interested in applying to the University of Bath to study Business and Management studies. At A level, I have chosen to study Business Studies, Economics, Modern History and Psychology. However, it is mentioned on the entry requirements that anyone who chooses Business and Economics is less likely to get an offer; does this still apply even if you are wanting to take Business as a degree?
Answered by Alison Patterson
It is really important the you meet the entry requirements of a course. I have found the reference at

It is clearly stated that the University of Bath does not favour the combination of Business Studies and Economics. If you are taking four A levels this may matter less. However, if you are reducing to three subjects for A2 it is apparent that Bath would prefer it if you were offering History, Psychology and one of Economics or Business Studies.

Their reasons are stated as "We have a strong preference for applicants with qualifications that demonstrate a breadth and depth of learning, which includes a combination of mathematics/sciences, with arts/humanities."

Given that there is much competition for places, you must ensure that you satisfy the entry requirements.

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