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Loans, scholarships and grant opportunities for a UK citizen currently living in the US looking to study full time degree in the UK

Hello, I would like to know where to look for information on what sort of loans, scholarships or grants may be available for a UK citizen who is living in the US but would like to study full time in the UK for a bachelor's degree. I understand that we would have to pay international fees as we are not resident in the UK, but would like to know if there are any loans, scholarships or grants that my daughter may be eligible for as a UK citizen even though she has been living in the US. Thanks.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Claire,

We have a list of the bursaries and scholarships available here: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/university-tu.../

You can also check if you're eligible for student finance here: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/university-tu.../

There are not the same scholarships in the UK as the US. Individual universities will state on their websites what is available. Generally, however, it may be necessary to look at commercial loans from banks.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your applications!

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