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Fee status as UK national living internationally

I was born in Scotland and lived there until aged 7 with my Scottish parents. We have our house in Edinburgh and one in Worthing. I return every year as my parents focused on maintaining our relationship with our home country and family. I am currently on exchange in Scotland and want to know what my fee status would be if I transferred here permenantly as the international fees would not make it financially viable for me to attend.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Carla,

Have a look at our page on fees and funding, you may find the answer there:

Where is your family currently living (your main home)?

If you are normally resident in Worthing you could be charged the RUK fee, which is the same tuition fee as in England.

Residence governs fees status and the rules are that you should have been resident in Scotland for the three years immediately prior to starting university to qualify for local fees.
Look at:

You could contact SAAS as they may be able to advise you:

They will need to know a little more information than you have supplied here.

Hope this information is helpful,

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