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British citizen returning to UK. Classed as a British or International student?

We are British citizens that have been living in the US for 11 years. We are returning for work and our son will be going to university in 2018.
He will apply using SAT/ACT?AP scores.
Will he be classed as a British or International student for fees and will he be eligible for student finance?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Carole

Residence is more relevant than citizenship. The rules are that you should have been resident in the UK for the three years immediately prior to starting university to qualify for home fees. (It is to do with where the family's taxes have been paid.)
Look at:

Also look at the UKCISA website:

Universities make decisions on fee status after an application has been made (through UCAS)and the offer of a place on academic grounds has been made.

Were you in the US temporarily and because of a parent's employment? It is possible to argue that your ordinary residence remained the UK if the reason for your time abroad was beyond your control. Look at:

You could contact UKCISA or SFE:

If your son is classed as an international student for fees he will not be eligible for UK Government student finance.

University websites should give the entry requirements for applicants with AP, SAT/ACT and high school GPA.

We have some information on eligibility for funding here:

I hope this helps.

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