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Is it possible to do a second undergraduate degree in nursing?

I am currently completing my undergraduate degree University College Dublin. (BA Sociology & History. However, I wish to further my studies in London. I wish to apply for an undergraduate degree in Adult or Children's Nursing. Is it possible for me to do this? and what would the best way for me to apply?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Check the NHS pages about nursing:


In particular, note the section that says:
"Recognising previous learning in theory and practice

Previous theoretical and practice learning can be used to meet some of the programme requirements enabling completion in a shorter time. Previous learning is mapped to the programme standards and requirements using a process known as accreditation of prior (experiential) learning (APEL).
Up to one third of a three year programme can be accredited in this way - the actual amount being determined by each individual university.
Examples of previous learning might include relevant degree or other studies, or relevant practice experience in a nursing or related discipline. What constitutes as relevant, will depend upon the university offering the programme, but could for example, be a psychology, health-related or biology-based degree."

Ask universities about your eligibility for an accelerated route to qualification because of your education.

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