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What are the job prospects for Electrical Power Engineers in the UK?

I am interested to do MSc in Electrical Power Engineering in the UK, but this programme is offered in a few universities (approximately 10). Your website often confuses/mixes this programme with Electronics, Telecommunication, and Control Engineering which are also related to and come under rubric of "Electrical & Electronics Engineering''. But these post-graduate programmes are NOT same or closely related when it comes to course-content or careers.

Please tell me about Job-prospects of Electrical Power Engineers in UK and Europe, and if possible, please also suggest the best institutions for this programme.
Answered by Alison Patterson
To find the best Masters course for you, read the course details, module choices etc on the university websites. You could use our Subject Table as a guide but remember this is for undergraduate courses. Go to
It is true that Electrical and Electronic Engineering are grouped together. This is not something that we have control over.

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