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2014 Entry requirements for undergrad and postgrad courses to UK Universities for Indian students with Indian qualifications?

We have a number of students from India - with Indian qualifications ( ICSE,CBSE,IB, IELTS, Bachelors degree) - who invariably inquire about the MINIMUM entry requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at UK Universities. Is there any recent study or publication available?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Entry Requirements are listed on all university websites. For undergraduate courses, a handy source of information is the CUG Course Chooser, which lists all UK undergraduate degree courses and contains valuable information about minimum entry requirements as well as contact information etc, found here:


Your students should bear in mind that minimum entry requirements are provided by universities for guidance. They are minimum requirements and mean just that: an offer of a place may be higher than the minimum. Many students exceed these minima and so actual entry standards are usually higher. It would be unwise for an applicant to apply for a course whose minimum entry requirement is not really achievable. The competition for places is keen.

I am not aware of any studies in this area. But you may be interested in the Russell Group's publication "Informed Choices" which is available in a variety of formats at

For definitive information, the advice is to enquire direct to the university.

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