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If deferred entry rejected, can reapply for that same year?

I found out that I am considered an international student, and would have to pay international fees if I were to begin University next year. I am hoping to take medicine- which is 5-6 years and is very costly. If I contact universities to defer my application to 2019 (to gain home student status), and they reject my deferred entry, can I reapply again for 2019 entry in that same school by submitting a new UCAS application in 2018? And if so, will I be at a disadvantage if they see my application again? I will be doing relevant work experience related to medicine in that gap year and update my Personal Statement. Thank You.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Beth,

You will be able to re-apply through UCAS. It might be worth looking at some other universities.

You should check with a specific university that rejects you if they are willing to consider a re-application.

It would be worth talking to the universities and explain your reasons. I think they will be sympathetic.

In the meantime, read more advice for applying to medicine here:

Good luck!

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