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Did not include Extended Project in original application

I did not mention my extended project in my application. I got an A and it was do to with Social Science. Ii have decided to leave my current university and apply again somewhere else.
I have a grade A in English Literature, a D in Psychology but a B in my second year of A levels because my teacher was on suicide watch and left suddenly. I did not mention this in my application either, is there a chance I can if I reapply or have I missed the chance? I also got a D in Biology.

With my EP being an A grade, what kind of universities can I apply to? And would I be able to mention my circumstances with my teacher that impacted my Psychology grade?
Tags: applying
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Andrea,

Where do you want to study? What course do you want to study?

You can re-apply through UCAS and you can re-take your A levels if you want to.

Will you finish your first year (?) at your current university so that you have tangible exam passes? It is best to complete the year as transferring/re-applying is easier if you have passed the year at university prior to withdrawing.

You should contact a few universities and ask them about your chances of receiving an offer. Take their advice.

The academic reference of the UCAS form is the opportunity for your school to document any issues that have adversely affected your A level studies and outcomes. You should contact your school for a reference - unless it was a long time ago.

You should include your EP as well as your A levels in an application.

Take your time to think carefully before making a big decision to leave your current course.

Good luck.

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