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University has cancelled deferred accepted course

Jan 2019

My daughter planned a gap year having accepted her university offer for 2018 start. The university emailed just before Christmas to tell her the course has been cancelled. Can they do this?


In theory they can't do this, but there isn’t much they can do about it either. We would hope the university has put some effort into finding your daughter an alternative course; if not, you might have a case for damages for non-fulfilment of a legal contract. If you want to pursue this, you could start with a formal complaint and ask for any costs incurred in finding an alternative. Meanwhile, we suggest she gets on with trying to find an alternative course and/or provider and it would be worth notifying any alternatives the reason why she is applying now. Our Course Chooser is a good place to start. Approach universities direct and ask to speak to admissions teams to discuss the specifics, background and reasons for the call.

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