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Accepting offers

My son has applied to 4 Universities. He has had 3 conditional offers, one of which is an offer of ABB, 2 grades below the course requirements. He is still waiting to hear if he has an offer from his 4th University. If he does this would be his lowest offer of BBB and also his first choice uni. So in effect the 3 other offers would require higher grades than his first choice uni. One of these 3 has indicated that because of his circumstances if he didn't meet the grades they would still consider his application favourably but, unfortunately, that uni is in his home town and he really wants to move away to study. If he puts this as his insurance choice (even though the grades at ABB would be higher than his firm choice) would he be obliged to go there if he didn't meet the grades of his firm choice but the other uni agreed to still take him?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Helen,

If the CF university rejects your son and the CI university accepts him, strictly speaking he must confirm the CI offer of a place. You can read more about accepting offers here:

In practice, university decisions are unpredictable. Results time can be an opportunity to re-think. No university could force your son to attend. He could decline the offer and go into Clearing. He could phone a few universities to find out if they would consider him.

It is worth waiting and hoping for a positive decision for the CF university.

If one university is saying that they would consider his application favourably if he misses his offer, you could phone the others now to ask what they would do at Results time. This may not yield much information, but it could be worth a phone call.

Hope this helps!

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