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Options after taking 4 years to do A levels

I was just wondering whether I can still apply to university, which ones to apply to and how I would go about it after taking 4 years in total to complete my A levels. I retook my AS year twice due to changing to homeschooling after year 12 in sixth form and wrong information regarding when would be most appropriate to sit exams. I will finish my A levels this summer after taking 4 years in total to complete them. I will be 21 if I apply for university in 2019, would this make the applying process different?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi there,

There are no barriers to applying to university apart from academic ability.
Take a look at courses and universities here:

You must apply through UCAS. Look at:


Check that you meet entry requirements. If you cannot find all the information online please contact the university direct.

In your personal statement you should describe your route to university application. Although it may not be typical of many applicants, it is not unusual and universities will make a decision based on your achievements.

If you want to study something like mathematics you must of course have the necessary skills/qualifications to enable you to manage the coursework and complete the degree. So, in this case, university selectors will be looking for evidence of maths ability.

Entry requirements vary between courses and universities so you should check carefully by reading the information on university websites and follow up with an email or phone call to universities about your own circumstances.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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