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Declining insurance choice

Feb 2019

Preparing for the worst, if I don't meet my firm choice but do meet my insurance, what’s the chances of being eligible for Clearing? I don't really want to go to my insurance. Any advice or the best way to go around it?


You will be able to explore Clearing. If this becomes a reality at results time (hopefully not) and your CF (confirmed firm) university rejects you, you should look at course vacancies and approach universities directly (by phone) to talk about your eligibility. It is best to find an alternative course before withdrawing from your CI (confirmed insurance) choice. When you have an offer from another university, the formalities can be sorted out through UCAS. Remember, your CF university could accept you even if you don't exactly make the grades in the conditional offer. Don't do anything until you hear from your CF. You should hear from your CF at the same time as receiving your results if you are taking A Levels. See our guide to results day and Clearing.

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