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Architecture Courses

I want to do a degree in Architecture, but I haven't done an Art A-level. My A-levels are Maths, English lit, and Geography (minimum expected AS grades are AAA). I want to know what the best plan is for me to get into an Architecture degree. I have seen Architecture degrees that include a foundation year suitable for those who don't have all the necessary A-levels for Architecture, but I've been put off those courses as most of them accept a very low standard of grades/A-levels and I'm predicted high grades.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Ella

You should contact a few of your chosen universities direct.

Take a look at our Architecture table:

And use this UCAS list of courses:

Draw up a short list of about 6-8 universities. Quickly check entry requirements using the UCAS list above (Click "view" for each chosen course). Then use the contact details in the same UCAS listing to get in touch with your chosen universities and ask specifically about your own circumstances, what you need to do and what you are eligible to apply for.

Ask about interviews and portfolio.

(I randomly looked at Loughborough University Architecture and it says: AAB. No specific subjects are required but we strongly prefer a mix of Science, and Art and Humanities subjects.)

I strongly advise you to contact universities.

Good luck.

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