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Fees for a British national who has lived overseas and applying to English universities

Mar 2019

I was born in England and I have a British birth certificate, British passport and a National Insurance number. I moved to Australia at the age of five and have lived there for 14 years. I went back in 2017 to work for four months and I was treated as a British national as I am one. However, I cannot get into university in England as a home student; only an overseas one which is really frustrating. I want to go home to the UK with my family and continue my Law degree so I can become a lawyer in England. If I do my degree in Australia it will be significantly harder for me when I move back to the UK to become a lawyer based on my Australian degree. Why can I not just go home and study as a home student? What if my parents move back to work; will that change the fact I haven't lived there for the three-year period?


Unfortunately, residence is more important than citizenship in determining fee status. You can read more about tuition fees and financial support in our student finance and funding guide. You can certainly apply through UCAS to study for a degree in Law at a British university, but if you have not been resident in the UK for the three years immediately prior to starting university you are likely to be assessed for the international fee (it is to do with where the family taxes have been paid). See more information about eligibility for student finance.

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