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Oxford reapplication from first year at another university

I was rejected by Oxford for an undergraduate History and Politics degree this year. I am considering reapplying but would prefer not to take a gap year as my second choice is a Scottish university; if I took a gap year and was rejected again that would effectively mean 5 years as an undergraduate level student. In my feedback I was told that I was on the ‘cusp’ of a place but had slightly underperformed in my essay and interview - I have since written a far better essay and can identify my key interview failures. Is it worth trying again? And if so, from another university?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi there,

Many people have two attempts at an Oxford application. Are you planning to apply for the same course again? I might be worth contacting the university to ask for their advice.

I think you are proposing to start at a Scottish university in September 2018 and put in an application through UCAS for the 2019 cycle of admissions. There is nothing to stop you doing this except the cost and the uncertainty.

Look at:

However, you may find you settle very happily at your Scottish university and forget all about Oxford!

Good luck.

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