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Entry into Medicine when living Canada

I am currently living in Vancouver, Canada and am in my second year studying Science at the University of British Columbia. I have dual citizenship in Canada and the UK.

I completed an IB Diploma at a high school in England, and am now interested in applying to medical schools in the UK but have been struggling to find information that applies to my somewhat strange situation.

I would like to attend a medical school as soon as possible and am therefore wondering whether I can apply before I complete my BSc here. Secondly, I am wondering how I apply, what schools would consider my application, if there is a standardised test I should take and what grades my admission would be based on.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Emma,

In general, our advice is to recommend completing the course you are currently studying (or at least successfully complete the year). But we know this isn't always possible.

A list of all undergraduate degree courses in Medicine can be found using our Course Chooser:


or look at:


Click "view" for more information including entry requirements. Entry requirements for applicants offering the IB will generally be published. It would be wise to contact a few universities to check on their advice about entry for you as you will be offering two years' undergraduate study in addition to the IB.

You will need to take the UKCAT or BMAT depending on the university/course.

Note that you must apply through UCAS. Look at:

Look at the Buckingham course as it has a January start date.

Good luck!

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