Deferred unconditional place but want to go through Clearing

Sep 2018

I have an unconditional offer from last year that I deferred until this year but now I have been looking at another university that I didn't apply to the first time. What is the best way to go about trying to get a place in that university and would I have to give up my place at my current firm choice in order to look at the other uni?


The best thing to do would be to phone the new university and explain your circumstances and ask if they have any availability on the course of your choice for this year. They may be able to offer you a place without you making a new UCAS application, but you would have to confirm this with the university. However, you cannot hold two offers so you will have to give up the deferred UF. Don't do this until you have secured an alternative offer. For more information, see our pages on Clearing and unconditional offers.

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