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Is going on holiday two days after A Level results come out a good idea?

Jun 2018

I am thinking of going away abroad for two weeks, two days after my A Level results come out. If I don’t meet the grades, will this allow enough time to sort everything? And if I do reach my grades, will this also leave enough time to sort things?


It is generally a bad time to go away as there will inevitably be admin to sort out very promptly, even if you don't go into Clearing/Adjustment. However, if all goes swimmingly and you get into your preferred university it could be possible to sort out your accommodation, registration details and module choices etc quickly if the university is ready at that stage. We generally advise not taking a holiday around A Level results day if getting into university is a priority. If you decide to go away, it would be sensible to take a laptop and have access to the internet.

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