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Swapping offers and reapplying

Apr 2019

My daughter applied for midwifery and was rejected from Northumbria for this year. However, Teeside have offered her a place for next year. Can she still reapply for Northumbria for next year or will she have to reject Teeside to be able to reapply to Northumbria for next year?


Your daughter will not be able to reapply through UCAS whilst holding an offer. So, she would have to decide to decline the Teesside offer in order to reapply to Northumbria for next year's UCAS cycle. I think it would be worth your daughter contacting Northumbria now and asking what the chances are of her getting a place in August this year if her results are good (if she was offered a place in Clearing she could change her mind and withdraw from the Teesside offer using Clearing self-release). She could also ask the university about re-applying for next year.

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