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Applying for a UK university from abroad

I am the Superintendent of a school district in the USA. One of my students will be moving to the UK at the end of next year. She will complete her high school degree one year earlier, but will meet all of the graduation requirements. The father will be working near Manchester. The daughter would like to study nursing. What is the best contact for them to gather information and apply for universities?
Answered by Alison Patterson
All applications to UK universities to study for an undergraduate degree are made online through UCAS at www.ucas.com. Your student should familiarise herself with this site. In particular, she will need to prepare a personal statement and provide an academic reference (made separately online by a teacher, or other appropriate professional). The process is described at
UCAS has a Course Search facility (in the UK students apply for a degree program, called here a course). Here are the results of a Course Search for a Nursing degree in or near Manchester: search.ucas.com/search/providers?CountryCode=&Regi...=
(I suggest you ignore the Open University option, as it is a distance learning programme)
For a wider search of the North West region of England the Course Search yields the following results.
For an indication of relative quality, our Ranking is at:
Universities in the UK are fairly familiar with academic qualifications from other countries and their websites should indicate entry qualifications. If you do not find the information needed, it is important to contact a few universities. UCAS gives you five choices, so it is important not to squander a choice by applying without meeting the entry requirements. This can be easily checked in advance.
Funding and fees status is the next consideration. This will also need some preparation.
There are rules governing fees status (home or international) that can be found at the UKCISA site at www.ukcisa.org.uk and depend on immigration status and residency. Again, I would suggest contacting a few universities to discuss the particular circumstances of this case.
Nursing degrees in the UK are linked with the NHS, attract bursary funding and are probably limited by quotas based on expected future need in the NHS. I am not an expert in the field but I hope I have provided some useful links to help with your student's research.

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